Why I’ll never forget my labor and delivery nurse

“Yeahhhhh! We’re gonna have a birthday party today!” -Hailey.
Hailey was my labor and delivery nurse. Amazing. I mean, A-MAZE-ING. I truly believe labor and delivery and postpartum nurses are called to do what they do. What a gift they have.

I had my sweet, sweet baby boy on November 16, 2016. I was 9 days past my due date and my doctor made a plan for induction. After the morning shift change I said goodbye to my (also awesome) nurse who cared for me the previous night and met Hailey. Hailey was almost as excited as I was to “get this baby out of me!”
As the day progressed, Hailey was so supportive, encouraging and laughed with me through the awkward yet real things I was informing her as they were taking place as my body was preparing to push a little human out.  
Fast forward to contractions getting very intense and Hailey basically instructing me to explicitly say, “Yes I want the epidural” and with tears in my eyes, “YES I WANT THE EPIDURAL, DAMMIT” (I said, dammit under my breath though). Hailey made the call to the anesthesiologist and he replied, “I will be there in 5 minutes! You’re room is the next room I’ll be in”.
5 minutes went by. No anesthesiologist. She instructed my husband how to help hold me up by positioning himself so I could rest my arms on his shoulders and lean forward (in agony) since I was sitting on the edge of the bed at this point. I was trying my best to focus on breathing through the contractions. At one point I said, “I feel like I am on the verge of freaking out. And I know that will NOT help the case”. She looked me square in the face and said, “You got this Katlin. No freaking out. Keep breathing with me. You can do this! Relief is coming soon!”
10 minutes had gone by and she called the anesthesiologist again. His reply, “I am walking to the room now”.
5 minutes go by. The door opens and it was the woman from the cafeteria coming to collect my food tray. What a tease. She quickly hurried out of the room.
20 minutes after the first time Hailey called the anesthesiologist he FINALLY ARRIVED! I got the epidural and he left. Sweet relief. Hailey sees I’m finally comfortable yet we both share glances filled with feelings of pure annoyance with that man. And Hailey says, “For every minute he is late, I wish someone could squeeze his balls as hard as they can just so he’d understand the pain of the contractions!!!”
That was a REALLY funny moment, but not the reason why I will never forget my labor and delivery nurse.
Finally, my husband and I heard the words from my doctor, “let’s prepare the room for delivery”.
Hailey was on my left side and my husband was on my right side. Hailey and Rob encouraged me, kept telling me I was doing a good job and cheered me on to push this baby out! Well. Baby Garrett was way too comfy cozy in there. The doctor tried 3 different methods to help Garrett Boy come down the birth canal and make his entrance into the world. Each of the methods did not work.
My doctor looked at me and said, “Katlin. I need you to give me one more, really good push. If that doesn’t happen, we need to do an emergency c-section”.
Hailey looking me square in the face again, “Katlin you can do this. I know it!”
Nodding at Hailey I thought, I can do this. I’ve worked this hard, Garrett is coming out on this last push! Then, I said a prayer. I prayed, “Lord Jesus. I need you”.
“HE’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled.
He was perfect. I was healthy Garrett was healthy and my husband was over the moon excited.
All of the medical staff did what they needed to do quickly and efficiently. My new family of three got to bond and it was beautiful. I noticed the time and figured it was the end of Hailey’s shift and surely she had gone home.
Alas! Hailey came into my room! She greeted me, baby Garrett and my husband!
She said, “I wanted to come back and tell you how proud I am of you! You did an amazing job! Katlin, it got a little scary there at the end and I just thought, ‘no, no c-section! She’s worked so hard up to this point Garrett has got to come out!’ So, I said a little prayer for you”.
I said, “I said a prayer too!”
We hugged, I told her thank you and how much I appreciated her.
Ya’ll, she came back to tell me goodbye. And she prayed over me during the most dramatic point of my delivery. If she wasn’t an angel sent by the Lord…
This is why I will never forget my labor and delivery nurse.  
Lastly, to add, I prayed for months during my pregnancy for medical staff that we would connect with and would give us the care I, Katlin, needed. Our God loves us and provides what we need.




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  1. Jess

    November 1, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Hi! I definitely will also never forget my l and d nurse! Seems amazing that they are only in our lives for such a short amount of time, but the fact that they helped bring our child into the world is life changing and we will never forget that! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Katlin

      November 1, 2017 at 11:23 am

      Yes! That is the truth right there! Labor and delivery nurses are most definitely amazing <3

  2. Denise

    November 1, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    This is so good, it is amazing how one person can make a difference of a lifetime, among all the people that helped you during your delivery process to have one stand out in such a way is a proof to that.

    1. Katlin

      November 2, 2017 at 10:07 pm

      Yes! Writing this post brought tears to my eyes and when I go back and read it, it still brings tears to my eyes! She was so encouraging and love and joy oozed out of her.

  3. Helen | MostlyWoman

    November 1, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    I really loved reading this post. My due date is in December so I am preparing for delivery. Thank you for sharing this! God bless you and Garrett!

    1. Katlin

      November 2, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      Wow! Thank you for your comment! I hope the post was encouraging to you! Your little peanut will bring you SO much joy!!! Your delivery day will be overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. Much love to you and your family!

  4. Lamees

    November 1, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Oh! Those are amazing memories that I will never forget. I can say that they were the most painful moments in my life but the best ever

    1. Katlin

      November 2, 2017 at 10:11 pm

      Yes, so true!

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