I go to the gym and try to find the closest parking spot by the door. Ironic.
Things that motivate me to actually go to the gym:
-Putting on exercise clothes
-listening to upbeat music (pretty much so I don’t hear myself gasping for air). I use this armband to hold my cell phone and plug in earbuds while I work out –> Cell Phone Armband (Side note… the armband will hold iPhone 7, 6, 6S, SE, 5, 5C, 5S, and Galaxy S5, Google Pixel)
-Waking up and going in the morning so the workout is over with
-Having a plan before I go for my what exercises I will be doing
Please know, I am not a certified personal trainer. I just try to work out regularly. These are some workouts I have done and compiled myself. If you’re so inspired, do the workouts and let me know your thoughts!

Full Body Workout

Treadmill Workouts

Meal Plans

4 week healthy (mostly) and simple meal plan with shopping lists included! Find it here.

*NOTE: Shopping lists do not contain ingredients such as oil, salt, pepper, garlic and eggs because of the assumption those items are in your pantry/refrigerator. 


Quick, Simple and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Are you like me and are rushing around like a crazy person in the morning? Have a little one to get ready and packed for the day and getting my self ready and packed for the day can be BUSY… I mean IS busy! I need to eat breakfast in the morning, I usually do not have time, but make time and am a somewhat late for work. What I have discovered is if I prep my breakfast for the week on Sunday afternoon, I save about 10 minutes in the morning! Nobody wants a HANGRY teacher.


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