What I’m Loving Right Now Part 1

I am thinking about all the things I am loving right now this fall. This is only part 1. Stay tuned for part 2!

Consignment Shops

I don’t know why I haven’t spent more time shopping at a consignment shop in the past! I found some very pretty tops and a dress for work. Of course I had never heard of the brand names– because my wardrobe mostly consists of pieces from Target and Old Navy… and sweatpants– so I googled the brand names. One of the brands listed a blouse selling for $65 at retail price! I got it for $15! Not only do consignment shops sell beautiful, gently used (or sometimes not used at all) clothing at reasonable prices, they have sales too! I was so excited about the items I purchased were selling for a discounted price (if I could use the heart eye emoji right here, I would)! If you are in the Charlotte area– I’m loving Gigis Boutique and Fine Consignment. Check out their website– you can order online if you are not in the Charlotte area. You can get 15% off your first online order!

Also, Once Upon a Child is another excellent consignment shop for your little humans. I was pleased to purchase 17 gently used (including one pair of jammies with the tags still on!) for my little man for $61. Which averages to about $3.50 an item. Once Upon a Child is a franchise, so there may be a store near you. Not only do they sell adorable baby/kids clothes (sizes preemie-Youth 20) but they also sell footwear, toys, baby gear and furniture. If you’re needing some items for your little one a money saving tip would be to check out this place first!

Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw

“A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym” –The Health Science Journal

We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. My family is coming to town from Michigan. Well, I told my husband I would like to plan ahead in terms of food and beverages. So, I have this idea to buy a little at a time and stock up on items we are able to buy ahead of time to prep for guests for Thanksgiving. Feeling proud of this idea of thinking ahead, Rob and Garrett made a trip to Trader Joe’s to purchase a case of Charles Shaw wine. Recently, the nature of my job has required me to have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and relax. So, my therapy lately has been that “Thanksgiving wine”. Here’s to hoping I do not finish said [case of] wine before Thanksgiving. Thank you 2 Buck Chuck.


GroupMe App

This app is neat. My girlfriends and I use group messages to talk to each other. I am loving it right now because the girls are just a message away. We tell each other funny stories about our day, updates on life, vent about irritating people or circumstances in our life, or send a funny meme. I really love how we connect nearly everyday throughout the day. The app uses WiFi, so if you have poor cell phone service and group messages do not download in order or you get aggravated by your phone alerting you 17 times a minute from the texts coming in, try the GroupMe app. You can title conversations, add who you need to add, and mute, hide or archive conversations (if needed).
These are all things I am loving this fall! What are you LOVING right now? Comment below and share! Like I said, stay tuned for part 2 to debut this week!



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