Hump Day

I took the day off work on Wednesday… I had appointments and tasks on my to do list to complete. Here is a snapshot of my day…
My first stop, the gyno.
I was on time, I got checked in, then called back to get my weight, blood pressure, update my medical history and lead to my exam room. All of that was done in a timely matter. Before leaving, the nurse handed me a grown and sheet and instructed me to strip down and only wear the grown and sheet.
Okay. So I do all of that quickly. So quick because I have this fear the doctor is going to walk in immediately after the nurse leaves. Which, in case you were wondering, didn’t happen. So there I sit. Naked with flimsy, thin pieces of fabric covering my dignity. As time passes, I think:
  • Now I have to pee
  • I study all the different types of contraceptives on the poster
  • Is that the doctor?
  • How much time really has gone by? 5 minutes? 15 minutes?
  • I’m glad I got up early to shave my legs.
  • Why is this procedure called a Pap smere? Pap smere sounds gross.
  • Why didn’t I go to the bathroom when the nurse asked if I needed to?
My doctor walks into the exam room. He’s the best. He delivered my son, Garrett. He asks me medical related questions and discusses answers and if/then situations.
Now it’s time for the good ol’ Pap Smear. With my legs propped up, the doctor in position, now he is ready to do the exam. And he makes small talk, “So, did you return to work after maternity leave or…” and as I’m answering his question he’s also telling me exactly what he is doing. Actually telling the story is having me just laugh out loud. In the moment, I was answering and continuing conversation as if I was sitting in a coffee shop with the doctor. So casual. And just like that, the exam was over and the doctor made a couple remarks to wrap up the appointment (good things, I’m healthy!) and he said have a good day and take care!
Then I had a few hours until my next appointment so I went to Target, duh. The pharmacy at Target had the flu shot, which I needed. So I inquired and sure thing! It was ready for me in 10 minutes (Fun fact! If the shot sits for 10 minutes and comes to room temperature, it’s less painful going in. As stated by the pharmacist). I did some shopping, got my flu shot, and received a $5 gift certificate to Target! So, my $12 bottle of wine was only $7!
My next appointment was my hair appointment. So glorious. I instantly feel like a glamorous woman after a hair appointment. My stylist and I enjoy conversation and catching up on each other’s lives. So relaxing.
Then my day came to the time to pick up sweet boy Garrett and head home.
Wednesday was a day this week that I stepped out of my normal routine. It was a little awkward, random, relaxing and needed. It broke up my week from my day to day routine. I think all of us need to do that every once in awhile. What have you filled your day off with in the past? Or how to you plan to use your next day off?



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