Be Still

Confession: I’m really bad at relaxing. Especially in my own home. I need to remove myself and go spend time somewhere else to do be still. I am the type of person that needs to be busy.
“The days turn into months the months turn into years
So just for a moment, let’s be still” —The Head and the Heart
Those lyrics were meant to be sang to me this weekend. My motto 🙂
The fall colors have been starting to peak here in North Carolina. I wanted to get outside and go for a hike. I took us to this trail around a lake, situated Garrett in his first class seat in the amazing Ergo, and we all took in the scenery. Including our fur baby, Piper.
I took my time taking in the colors and talking to Garrett about the leaves changing and falling off the trees. We needed the fresh air and to simply be in awe of God’s artwork.
Every weekend, I do too much. I stay home and fill my time with jobs around the house, which take forever because I’m also making sure my (almost) 1 year old  doesn’t slam his head into anything or pinch his fingers. I feel like I have to accomplish everything on my to do list. Then, I’m exhausted from the weekend and start the work week, well, exhausted.
I am trying really hard on weekends to take a moment to breath [“So just for a moment, let’s be still”]. I’m learning I may have to leave my house in order to that.
Garrett and I went on our fall foliage hike Saturday and Sunday we walked our neighborhood (Let me clarify, Garrett went for a ride in the stroller, I walked and I pushed the stroller). We stopped at the playground in our neighborhood and Garrett got in the swing. He LOVED it. He was giggling and smiling. When I took him out of the swing he started crying, he wanted to keep swinging. I said, we need to have lunch. And just like that, he stopped crying and smiled. Definitely my kid if food can change a mood! 😉
I need to make it a habit to make “relax” time a priority during the weekend. How do you take time for yourself and/or relax? Can you stay home and relax or do you need to leave your house? Share your ideas in the comments!



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