The amazing-ness of a three day weekend

We had parent teacher conferences from 1-7pm. Woof. We teach from 8-noon. Kiddos go home, then come their parents. My point is, it makes for a long day. We had the option to work Friday… that sounds like an oxymoron… but, for the record, I choose the option to not clock in at my place of employment. 

My Friday was spent taking care of Garrett, doing house chores and making baby food.
Saturday, my husband and I were invited to a surprise birthday party for one of our friends. We all meant at Top Golf. Okay, if you’ve never been to Top Golf, you need to go just to see it.,one is it?) The building is 3 floors. Groups are assigned to a “bay” and everyone takes turns hitting golf balls off of the deck. Before I go too far off on a tangent, go check out Top Golf. The point being, we had a good time. 
On Sunday I felt like I could actually relax. There wasn’t this feeling of time running out of the day and I needed to get my things ready for the next day/week. It was glorious. Garrett took a nap and I actually sat outside on our patio and did some writing. When Garrett woke up from his nap we took a walk and played outside in the yard. I feel like because of those moments of relaxation, I set myself up to start the week rested.
“Just take a minute, Katlin”. I hear that so much and it is really, really, really hard for me to do. My husband works most weekends, so I try to clean the house and watch and play with Garrett, all at the same time. I just read an article “What do moms do on their days off? Work” The article discusses a study which analyzed how Mamas and Daddys spent their weekends. Surprise! Fathers spent more time relaxing than Mothers!
The study revealed that women were more likely than men to spend their weekends watching kids or performing housework. So after a long week of watching kids or clocking hours on the job, what does mom do more of than dad? Work.”
I think I fall into that statistic. Here’s a real life scenario: my husband tells me to just leave the dishes for a second and he will do them and I just need to sit down and relax. So, I do... for about 5 minutes. My brain does not turn off. I think of all the things I could be doing rather than just sitting.
My husband helps with A LOT. I am so thankful for all he does. It is my brain that gets to thinking there are so many tasks to complete and I get overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s silly, really. I need to let a lot of those thoughts go, prioritize and not worry about if there are chores/jobs incomplete on the to-do list.
This three day weekend was very needed. And for that, I am thankful I could “Just take a minute” and enjoy the amazing-ness of a three day weekend.


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