Blogging has been a thought in the back of my mind since last year. Sometimes the thought creeps up, then quickly goes back because of insecure thoughts like, “Who would even read what you have to say?” I did go as far to write a couple entries and titled the document “if I had a blog…”. Well, not until recently I was inspired by another blogger. I let the idea sink in for a couple days and kept thinking about it and praying about it. The thought stayed present for a couple days and I thought, “Why not?!” So here I am.
My hopes for my entries are:
  • They show positivity at some point
  • Real
  • Uplifting (in some way… can’t make too many promises there)
  • Relatable
  • Create community
My name is Katlin and I am married to my all star husband Rob, I’m a mama to our sweet baby boy who was born in November 2016 and a fur baby mama to our yellow lab. I am a transplant from Michigan and now live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a 7th grade special education teacher. I love spending quality time with my family and friends, going for walks, exploring new places, attending events and cooking because it involves eating delicious food.
Since we are getting to know each other, here are twenty five more things about me 😉

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